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Reading books in the underground

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Descripción del Proyecto


People have nothing to do in the underground while commuting. They stand still waiting for their destination point. They are concentrated only on the fastest way to get to their work, unis, meetings, airports, etc. Therefore, they become more stressed hurrying up. Their lives become shorter and less interesting.

Objetivos del proyecto

The aim of this project is to engage people into reading more, to make their lives brighter. To pay more attention to the surrounding world rather than concentrating on themselves and hide.

Público objetivo del proyecto

The target group is all the passengers that use metro as a means of transport for their working days.


Each metro train corresponds to a certain type of literature: novels, poetry, fiction, etc. And the coaches will be decorated with abstracts from different books. Inside each coach there will be separate walls without any seats (to provide more space for passengers). On these walls there will be special bars that work on a pivot principle for a comfy adjusting of a book. The reader can move the book to the necessary height and angle.


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