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Descripción del Proyecto

Distributed signaling system in the city seeking to invite and encourage you to discover and enjoy the city.

Sigga Heimis, Ibis Lucero, David Sandahl


We are now a myriad of signs that we saturated with information, bombarded the city and are not attractive, nor aesthetic

Objetivos del proyecto

Using signals to communicate in an easy And attractive way all the possibilities offered by the city. The product must intervene directly and be part as an emblem of the city that encourages feeling good.

Público objetivo del proyecto

citizens and tourists, targeting pedestrians. Citizens will find or discover new places due to stress or lack of knowledge have not been given the opportunity to visit and tourists will have the opportunity to be guided through the wonders of the city without having to look every second a map or tour guide.


We propose a system of signs that fit the information that most users need. A mix of symbols, colors and shapes located in order to find the main areas of interest that the user searches in the city: nature, culture, entertainment, sports, shopping and authentic. Signs are simple, easy to produce, easy to attach in poles that already exist in the city, a twist of fun that will give character to the city.


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