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Descripción del Proyecto

The Happiness guide is both a personal wristwatch and a public city clock   so wherever you go, the guide reminds you of the better ways to make your   life happier.

The Happiness guide combines the average clock, with a modern twist, and   the LED screen that displays in random order the guides to a better and happier life. Happiness can be found in the most common everyday actions, and our   guide will help you achieve your everyday happiness.

Thea Basthus Nilsen Soley Thorisdottir


Those who live in the city often feel stressed and wish they had a few more hours in the day to finish everyday projects. So often we forget to just take a moment or two and just breathe, relax and enjoy. To look around and appreciate your life and the people around you. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you had enough time for everything, what matters is how people will remember you. The Happiness guide will tell you the time, which is important all around the world, but reminds you at the same time to take care of yourself and the people around you.

Objetivos del proyecto

The Happiness guide is a clock that guides you to a happier and better life. By being a better and happier person, you improve your own life and the people around you.

Público objetivo del proyecto

Tourists and locals in Madrid. The guide will be popular since tourists will connect the wristwatch to the public clocks, and therefore the product will be a fun and practical souvenir.


The Happiness guide will provide a daily reminder of better ways to make us all happy. The everyday life of citizens is hectic and we often excuse ourselves by saying “I don’t have time”.


URL Proyecto: http://productsforabetterlife.iednetwork.com/2010/06/15/happiness-guide/


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