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Carpe Diem


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Traffic jams and traffic itself it’s the closest related factor of stress caused by transportation. The solution in order to eliminate completely traffic jams have been always seen as fully automated system of cars, radar guided, laser guided and more outrageous technologies can be used. However, very clever algorithms means intelligent systems. Systems that take decisions for us, organize and control the traffic in a fast and accurate way. Sounds perfect, but we forgot about the “fun” factor of moving about. Where is the fun to drive, to get surprised when you move about. Can fun, surprise and curiosity be mixed together in order to make us forget that we are wasting time in a traffic jam?

Think about a parkour-car, able to surprise us with 1000 of different possibilities to make a turn, change the gear or overtake someone, when you move. His answer &quotwe haven’t had a winning football buy essay online safe team


People's nature is embeded to be happy and relax. Why is that we are not living neither happy nor relax, if we are designed to do so? The reason is basically because we've been learning to be stressed and unhappy our entire life. We have been practicing a flawed mental model:the IF-THEN model. IF i get a good job, THEN i will get money, THEN i can be happy. IF i travel to Barbados THEN i will be relax. But everything we can get, then we can unget. We have to stop thinking about the outcome, and just think about the process. Don't waste the rest of your life changing just the input (the IF), invest in the process. It's not about how fast we arrive from A to B. It's not about how much time we waste in the traffic jam, it's about what is going on during the path from A to B. And if we could only represent this time in events, then we can say that the events that happen are the key here: make of each second of your life, an event. A surprising event that makes you forget about your stress and accept the universe as it is.

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Eliminate the stress during traffic jams by reproducing random events, all packed within your car. The events are artificially created for you to think about the process of moving more than the destination.

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People from Turin in 2040.


Variable Geometry car, with multiaxis wheels, that could have pseudo-infinite combinations of moving about.



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