MadridDesignNet Programme for Shanghai

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MadridDesignNet en Shanghái
The aim of presenting MadridDesignNet in Shanghai is for companies and institutions alike to look upon the projects as prime examples of innovation and to use the MadridDesignNet network as a platform from which to launch projects and research in their own particular fields.

MadridDesignNet Programme for Shanghai:
1. Exhibition: MadridDesignNet at the Madrid Pavilion, Best Urban Practices Zone:
9-17 October, Madrid Pavilion at the World Expo Shanghai (opening hours: 09:30-22:30).

Air Tree
Projection of the 20 best ideas developed by 1000 designers from across the globe on design as a driver of change and innovation.

Bamboo House – Exhibition Hall
Videosphere to project your city: video showcasing the virtual universe forged from the visions of hundreds of young creators, based on an approach that observes the modern world from a design-oriented standpoint.

Trend Mapping projection: offers a virtual look at urban places and venues that set trends by layering an assorted array of different information.
Concept: Design & Innovation.

2. Experimental Workshops

Business Innovation through Design
Focusing on innovation and aimed at Chinese and Spanish companies with interests in China. Carlos Barrabés, Riccardo Marzullo, Felice Morelli and Dario Assante will be directing the work¬shop, which enjoys the support of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Madrid City Council.
Me and My City
Intended for Chinese students and featuring the participation of students from Tongji and Donghua Universities.

3. Future Observatory
The Future Observatory is a committee of experts and visionaries brought together to analyse society from various different disciplines. Conference: “Innovation and Technology”.

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