Madrid, a prime example of good practices for the global city

8 octubre 2010, 11:52, por

The network draws together young creators from around the world with the common goal of innovating and creating ideas and visions to shape the Spanish capital. The project confirms Madrid’s unflinching commitment to driving forward design on the international stage.

MadridDesignNet is also an annual event aimed at boosting the international exposure of numerous design projects from across the globe.

May 2010 witnessed the first MadridDesignNet event, which boasted the involvement of roughly 1000 students from 17 cities worldwide, including Moscow, Quito, Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Bogotá, Santiago de Chile, São Paulo, Milan, Rome, Turin, Dalian and Tongji.

Madrid’s involvement in hosting and presenting the MadridDesignNet network, which is based on the idea of providing solutions to urban problems and bringing together international talent, is not a one-off initiative, but actually falls within the city’s strategy of internationalisation, which is primarily intended to enhance Madrid’s standing in Asia, and specifically in China, which boasts the world’s second largest economy, behind only the United States.

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